Controller Program for mCubed T-Balancers

Update: Please note that this program only works with firmware version 1.0!

One of the items we received for testing at was a fanbus from
This fanbus has an onboard microcontroller so it can work independently from the operating system, but you can adjust various settings using serial communication.
mCubed has even released the communication protocol to the public, and encourages people to write new controller programs for their fanbus.
I decided to try doing exactly that, as I'd like a few new features and a different interface, and this is the result.

Main differences compared to mCubed's software:
Written in C++. (Borland C++ Builder)
Only one sensor can be assigned to a channel.(to avoid confusion)
Only support for Celsius (Fahrenheit is just sooo old-school... ;P)
All major hardware settings can be adjusted.
It has a "Lightshow" with three modes - "Flicker", "Blink" and "Up/Down".

Some screenshots

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